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Page 1. Shooting Hours was born from days spent in the field checking watches, looking for sunrise and sunset tables and constantly wondering if the information we remembered was accurate. Best hunting times are calculated based on the information about the Moon and the Sun. How does it work? Video * The Duckmen show you the tricks of their trade. 30-day outlook showing moon phase data along with sunrise and sunset tables for your current location. Cool Select Zone Sensor: Cool Select Zone sensor connector missing, contact failed, electric wire cut, short-circuit, CoolSelect Zone sensor itself failed.

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Shooting Hours Features: The ability to calculate accurate sunrise and sunset times based on your location using the GPS in your enabled device. If you want to hunt like the experts, download this app today. Record bugling elk, gobbling wild turkeys or other sounds with the audio recorder. Features: Blinds * Create and save each of your blinds by current location, locate on map. These turned out wonderfully, check em out at merch starting tonight in NYC.

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